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Overwhelm: Your Biggest Pain Problem

 You're a busy business professional who needs more energy and less pain in your prime years, but you don't know how to feel better. I understand your frustration. It's not your fault. There is a lot of information out there, but the biggest problem you face when it comes to healing is... 

each health specialist tells you something different!!   Which means you're spinning in overwhelm, and you end up not taking action.

False Belief: Pain Is Just A Part of Growing Old

 But the problem actually gets worse. Why?  Because traditional providers tell you that being in pain is just a part of growing old. The only options they offer are medications or invasive procedures!   

And when you google your symptoms, there’s too much information that’s not specific to the severity of your condition.

This means you're spinning in overwhelm so you don't take action!

Worst of all, most traditional providers can't get past the idea that being in pain is just a part of growing old!

You need a personalized assessment to understand

your body's priority for healing.

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Here's the problem with chronic symptoms:

Anything can cause pain...physical, nutritional, emotional.

If you're not treating the right priority for your body, 

your body works against you.  

Your struggle is more than you can handle, and there is no end in sight...

There's never enough time for self care when you’re 

responsible for others...

Coping with symptoms is not living!

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 Discover flow state when you connect mind, body, and heart.

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Step 1

Schedule a Triage Call to see IF or HOW I can help you. If your healing objectives can be addressed by my program, I'll invite you to schedule a Strategy Call for us to dive more deeply into your goals for healing.

 Step 2

Review how your Circle of Pain is connected through physical, emotional, and nutritional stresses.

Initiate assessment tests and evaluations to determine root causes of chronic symptoms.

 Step 3

Start your healing journey with 1:1 coaching on mindset, nutrition, and movement. Continue with online self-guided study. Your Success Path will  map out what to expect at every stage of your healing, so you can start feeling better!


End the Circle of Pain

Thanks for all your time, your skills, your willingness to assist me in healing. This is the most relief from pain I have felt in quite some time. You seriously impress me with your skills, your approaches, and your sensitivity to my body and emotional reality. Thank you from my entire being. 

 Appreciatively, Bill S.

Holistic Nutritionist and Pain Specialist

Kelsey Bassanini, RCIS ACN TPS

Kelsey Bassanini, RCIS ACN TPS

  Kelsey overcame her own mystery illness and became passionate about sharing her natural health journey with others. She combines Western clinical skills with Eastern philosophy in her holistic approach to healing. Kelsey earned her Mechanical Engineering degree at Stanford University. She also graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences. While working in elite hospitals throughout the country, Kelsey observed patients suffering from unresolved pain issues. This inspired Kelsey to become certified as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist from the 


Kelsey Bassanini, RCIS ACN TPS

Kelsey Bassanini, RCIS ACN TPS

Kelsey Bassanini, RCIS ACN TPS

Kelsey's clinic results average a

30% reduction of chronic pain in 4 months,

without drugs and invasive procedures.

Kelsey Bassanini, RCIS ACN TPS

International Spine and Pain Institute. Since the source of pain can be rooted in nutritional deficiencies, Kelsey also obtained certification as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist through Life Chiropractic West.  She has been featured on the Whole Self Care Podcast, broadcasting on the RHG Network and distributed to the Voice America TV audience of millions. Kelsey anticipates her first co-authored anthology, Empowered Self Care – Healing Body Mind and Soul, to be published in February 2021.   

As a National Ski Patroller, Kelsey relieves pain by tending to outdoor emergencies. 

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